Being a Solo RVT

So many people are debating the “Vet Tech” terminology, vs “vet nurse”. Let me tell you something. I really don’t give a hoot about it. I feel like it makes no difference to the public, or nurses anyway.  Let me tell you about the debate that IS worth having. Worth fighting for. Worth the discussion… Continue reading Being a Solo RVT


I have a couple amazing products! Keep them handy on the fridge, or in the garden!  Magnets for your convenience, and a printed copy you can frame, and hang in the garage, patio, or carry with you when you are planning your landscapes!! I want this to be in every pet parent’s home! Or at… Continue reading HAPPY SPRING!

Serena is awesome. She set my mind at ease while I was out of town and helped to take care of my lovable but wild German Shepherd  She is so patient and kept me updated the whole time. I completely trust her with my pup and recommend her wholeheartedly! 

~ Sam T

Serena is awesome!

The process was very smooth. Serena was prompt, text me to let me know she is in her way. She sat on the floor and let my 3 fur babies get to know her. I had all 3 have anal glands expressed. This saved me from going to the vet 2-3 times and also saved me some $$$’s. I recommend her and think her other services would be of equal caliber.


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